Personality Quizzes

Les Tests is a widely popular series of non-fiction books published by Fleurus, targeted at teenage girls. Each book compiles 30+ personality quizzes, and includes advice pages, and Q&A on topics explored in the quizzes etc.

Tests 2 covers the following themes: friendship, love, beauty, fashion, personality, lifestyle, hobbies and general knowledge. Tests include : “How popular are you?”, “What does your bedroom say about you?”, “Are you generous?” “Could you become president?”, amongst others. Self-development pages touch on how to be less shy, ways to approach boys, nutritional advice…

Tests 3 is a special love and friendship edition. Tests include: “what type of bride would you be?”, “How well do you know your best friend?”, “How familiar are you with Planet Boys?”, “Does he love you?”, amongst others. Self-development pages touch on maintaining a good friendship, having a successful first date, organizing the best party ever…

Girly Tests is the most recent book of the collection. Tests include: “Can you act?”, “What does your look say about you?”, “How long would you last on a deserted island?”, “Which fairytale character would you be?”, “Are you a diva?”, amongst others. Self-development pages touch on enjoying life’s little pleasures, saving pocket money, being healthy, managing one’s flaws…

The books are frequently reprinted in various formats, and some have been translated in Russian.

Girls & Tests – Published in 2015


Girly tests – Published in 2012

Tests 3 – Published in 2011

Tests 2 – Published in May 2010

Extract from Les Tests 2