I recently discovered a little software that changed my working life. Best $10 I have ever spent. Anyone who works for themselves, by themselves knows how difficult it is to remain focused hour after hour, day after day when the Internet is lurking around the corner. The wolrd’s biggest distractions are just a click away and it’s only when you’re still typing away at 3 am to make a deadline that you realize those hours of mindless online shopping or Facebook checking could have been better spent.

I know I could just turn the Wifi off. But Freedom goes further. Once you turn it on for a set amount of time, there is no way back. You can’t undo it. You’ll be left staring at the Safari page which refuses to refresh. Soon, you won’t even bother anymore. The Internet is gone. I swear I’ve never worked harder, and it keeps my Internet addiction under control (yes I’m talking about you fashion blogs and shoes I can’t afford). Freedom indeed.


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